What they said...

With a strong folk influence, Lore combine their songwriting craft with soulful three-piece harmonies. Described as the “northern Irish Fleetwood Mac”, Lore have gained much acclaim and recognition nationally.”

The Bath Magazine

The Anthem’ sees Lore pay tribute to Stendhal through a catchy melody and lyrics that flawlessly capture the festival life together with joyous visuals and a captivating chorus.” - Music Crowns

Music Crowns

An out-of-the-box perfect treat of a tune that on a playlist would fit nicely somewhere between Sarah McLachlan and 10,000 Maniacs.”

Gigging NI

Since its inception, Lore has been racking up critical and popular acclaim both at home and abroad. Like Northern Ireland, the band’s identity is vibrant, complex, and even elusive.”

Celtic Life Magazine

The band’s latest offering comes in the form of their single ‘I’ll never get over you’ which is a beautiful re-introduction to the group, taking the listener on a journey with the song.”

Aine Cronin-McCartney

The bands cover of the iconic ‘Teenage Kicks’ is a refreshing twist of the classic with its stunning harmonies and the addition of strings.”

Gigging NI

The title track ‘Believe’ is wonderful; unsurprisingly it’s picking up a fair amount of airplay. Their sweet take on the classic ‘Teenage Kicks’ brought a smile to my face and ‘Tried’ is a rousing little folkish kinda pop-ballad.”

Rob Bridge - Folk Radio UK

Lore, a new band from Co. Derry have taken the song on board, reworked it, thrown in some strings and stunning harmonies and really taken the tune on for a new generation. They have chosen a huge song to cover but they seem like the type of band that can pull this off with ease. As a cover, it’s hard to beat!”

Scott Edgar - Folk & Tumble

Their folk style is reflected in the song's arrangement and the pure delivery is a wonder to listen to. ”

Liam McClair - House in the Sand